– By Crisi Clark

Do you have problems with damaged, worn or mismatched parting lines on your molds?

How much does your company lose in time and money that is spent on these repairs?

PL-S® Troubleshoots Flashing & More for MoldersProblems with damaged molds can cause extraneous voids in the product which can add to excessive scrap, loss in production time from rerunning product, and more troubleshooting in general. The troubleshooting time alone can be difficult for pinpointing the culprit, whether it’s caused by the plastic resin flowing too quickly into a parting line at any stage or if the mold itself has a damaged parting line surface or odd cavities that create sealing issues for the mold. Knowing that you have to fix the mold itself or possibly buying a new mold all together can be costly.

Simon Gough, company Director at Gough Plastics, in Australia, approached Mold In Graphic Systems® with a problem they were having with mold parting lines. The family-owned and operated business has a motto of environmental focus and wanted to utilize what they were working with instead of trashing the existing mold and completely retooling.

PL-S® Troubleshoots Flashing & More for MoldersThe issue with their molding was creating endless hassles in completing a 3 layer skin-foam-skin product, causing the foam to blow bubbles at the parting line. We explained to Simon that MIGS® has created an amazing solution specifically for troubleshooting flashing problems for molders just like their situation, called PL-S® Parting Line Sealer, and that they should give it a try.

After trying PL-S, Simon Gough stated, “Parting Line Sealer on our mold has made the difference between telling our customer we no longer want the job and now being able to run the part with minimum hassles.”

Easy-to-use, PL-S works in conjunction with a standard caulking gun and you can directly apply the PL-S Parting Line Sealer to the damaged parting line on the mold. The PL-S acts similar to a denture cream for your mold by forming a seal that prevents the escape or entrance of internal and external gasses. The clamping pressure of the mold when it is clamped shut allows the PL-S to conform to the exact shape of the molds damaged parting line, thus preventing voids, blow holes and excessive flashing often cause by damaged molds. PL-S can help extend the lifetime of the mold so that the order can be finished on time.

PL-S® Troubleshoots Flashing & More for MoldersPL-S is made from a unique polymer material that completely bonds with your polyolefin resin. It completely cures during the normal rotational molding cycle and completely becomes one with the resin of the rotomolded product. The PL-S Parting Line Sealer is then easily trimmed to create a nice solid parting line that is free of voids or holes.

If you are a rotomolder and have had similar issues with your molds causing trouble to your finished plastic parts, we invite you to contact us here to learn more about PL-S® Parting Line Sealer and how it can help.


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