Plastics Labeling & Applications Experts Connect Family To Technology Success

Edgar Lucas, Plastics Labeling & Applications Expert, returns to the MIGS family.

It was a brisk spring day in 2015 when Edgar Lucas got a call from his good friend Jacob about a position opening up at Mold In Graphic Systems. Edgar applied for the position, landed the job, but that is just the start of this tale. From his first day it was clear that Edgar was undoubtedly a part of the TEAM. His sense of humor, sales experience and genuinely kind manner with colleagues made it obvious he had found a “home”.

That was 3 years ago. In early 2016, MIGS was forced to reduce some roles. This included Edgar’s position. When asked to comment, MIGS CEO / Marty Mares said, “I recall Edgar saying that he would be happy to come back to work for us should the opportunity ever come up. His name never stopped coming up so we were determined to get him back on the team.” While away from MIGS for 2+ years, Edgar expanded his knowledge and skill set with other local businesses, all while staying connected with MIGS Team culture and the friendships he had built.

It’s rather rare, when you can say that the people you work with are also truly your friends, but that is exactly the environment that is cultivated at MIGS every day. Edgar’s experience first-hand, tells about our culture and why he has returned to our TEAM with a fresh new outlook and thankfulness to be back.

When asked to comment, Edgar shared some thoughts from his previous experience working here, and how things have changed a bit!

“During my first go at MIGS, I met an excellent group of people. The sales TEAM in place is hands down the best crew I’ve ever been a part of. The quality of leadership of this company reflects in our entire TEAM. This made it easy to connect with everyone professionally and socially, which made it easy to maintain friendships even after I left,” Edgar said.

As for the aspects of MIGs which have changed since his return? The culture from Edgar’s first MIGS experience to what it is now has noticeably changed in many positive ways. The emphasis on TEAM is not only preached, but is practiced. Hearing about the culture change, team building, and deeper training opportunities helped make it easier for him to make the decision to return.

To Edgar, it was exciting to be a part of the positive changes and improvements our company is striving towards. He feels we work as a team to put our goal into practice, which is to provide training that will help our customers increase their profits by reducing cycle times and the frustration that they normally experience.”


Both Edgar Lucas and Juan, Edgars’s father, play integral roles as part of the MIGS family.

One important thing Edgar attributes to his strong work-ethic is a fairly unique tradition. As it turns out, Edgar has worked with his dad for pretty much his whole career. As a kid, he and his sister would play near their parents work station at the Clothing Manufacturing Company where they worked.

“Sometimes it was hard to keep regular sitters scheduled, and I remember as a young boy having to go to work with them when they would pick up overtime shifts. My sister and I would sit near their work station and enjoy our time, not a worry in mind.”

At age 15, he would be hired at the very same company, and that marked the beginning of their journey with father and son working together. Fast forward to present day, Edgar and his father are together again! Edgar’s father Juan has now been with MIGS for 3+ years!

“Not many people can say they’ve worked with their parents. I strive to be as dedicated and passionate about my job as they have always demonstrated to me.”

The family connections don’t end with just Edgar and his father Juan, though. MIGS itself is a family owned and operated business. With my own memories as a MIGS family member, I have grown up experiencing the same kind of growth and progressive qualities that make it what is today.

My own grandfather, Mike Stevenson, started the company in the humble garage of his family home, and I am blessed to work alongside him, my father, my mother, my brother, and my uncles. Other people here, like Edgar and myself, also work with their sons, fathers, and cousins. All our friends are here so it feels like home.

We are proud to support family values and the joy of getting to work with our family members and friends, here at MIGS. It isn’t just a workplace, it’s truly a family.  Edgar summed it up perfectly when he told me, “You never stop being family no matter how far apart you may be. No matter how long I was away from here, the family ties with the MIGS TEAM always showed they cared about me, my family, and what I bring to the table. Walking back into MIGS on my first day, it was clear I had made the right decision and I am proud for this opportunity to continue to grow with the company.” We feel this couldn’t be more accurate, and are excited about Edgar’s return, as he, and others like him, will be the future of MIGS.

And that my friends, is the Why in what we do!

So what does this all mean for you?

Not much, unless you’re someone who decorates plastic and are interested to increase your company’s profit while eliminating the frustration that is normally associated with labeling olefin plastic like Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP).

If this describes you, then Edgar is your man! Because Edgar is part of a team of Labeling and Set-Up Experts that are here to serve you.

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