PortaBeer™ LLC Drafts MIG® 5 For Plastics Decorating

Form, function and fun is definitely the keynote when you see this conversational center piece that PortaBeer™ has made for AAA Four Diamond hotels, Distinguished Clubs of the World, professional sports venues, as well as back nines, ballrooms, and backyards. Even if you are not an avid connoisseur of ales, porters, or IPA’s, you can still see that the PortaBeer Mobile Draft System has reinvented the wheel beyond your standard barrel and bag of ice for cooling and toting your favorite draft.

Recently, PortaBeer’s Co-Founder & CEO, Albert Ciuksza Jr., visited Mold In Graphic Systems® and we had a chance to catch up with him about the features and innovations that PortaBeer is bringing to draft beer, and what opportunities they sought after to bring a more permanent branding value to their products in a high level of exposure.

Before Albert started PortaBeer, he and his co-founders saw a void in the portable draft beer market that needed to be filled. His ideas for an an attractive, easy-to-use, and self-contained solution that provides an excellent draft experience led to the birth of the PortaBeer unit that is available here. Also, with the high level of exposure available to PortaBeer, and the opportunity to offer a more permanent branding to their products, PortaBeer needed to brand their LLDPE plastic constructed system with a solution that would be durable in several environments and they have found that the MIG® 5 Graphic to be just the right tool for them.

Eye Catching Innovation For Draft Beer Cooling

“Our ability to offer eye catching branding is key to PortaBeer as we look forward to customizing our systems to meet customers’ specific branding needs. The most recent MIG® 5 graphic with Bud Light diagram on the PortaBeer unit speaks of the quality we are after. We are eager to see our working relationship with Mold In Graphic Systems® result in rapid recognition and growth for PortaBeer in the draft beer market,” said Albert.

There are new and exciting projects taking place at PortaBeer in the coming months, you can expect a dual draft system available in August. In 2016 you will see a new product destined for the wine industry called “Movino”; this unit will be a wine version of the PortaBeer.

“We believe that beer deserves an excellent experience everywhere”, says PortaBeer.

Also, at Mold In Graphic Systems®, we believe that rotomolders of plastic products deserve an excellent branding experience. And that is why we have created our new 5th Generation of Mold In Graphics®. I think Portabeer and Mold In Graphics® made a perfect match to be that next center piece for the next round of golf.

Rotomolders of coolers, totes, cases and more…check out what the MIG® 5 graphic can offer you here.

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