Our Quality Commitment & Journey

As Mold in Graphic Systems started 2017, our company celebrated 34 years in business. During this same year, we adopted a culture of continuous improvement and renewed our commitment to Quality.

Our TEAM has established a Quality Compass that includes 3 major components:

Our People
Our Processes
Our Products

Rotplas_Slide2_QualitySegmentsOur People
T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More)

At Mold In Graphics, we aren’t employees, we’re TEAM Members. Our goal is to serve external customers and partners, but that first begins with serving each other internally as TEAM members.

Rotplas_Slide4_TEAMplusLEANOur company has always been committed to quality workmanship and service so adopting LEAN, Six Sigma and Kaizen practices has helped us build an even stronger culture. Mold in Graphic Systems TEAM Members do not come to work every day to do work. We come to work every day to make things better.

LEAN teaches us that any process can be improved upon, therefore, every TEAM Member in our organization are improvement engineers. We’ve combined that into a single title, “Improvineers”.

Rotplas_Slide6_ImprovineersEvery morning, all our TEAM Members get together for a company-wide morning meeting. These meetings include training, recognition of other colleagues for jobs well done, and the all-important knowledge sharing between departments. During the meeting, TEAM Members are called forward to present improvement they have made. And without fail, no matter who is called upon, they are able to share one. Improvements are present daily company-wide because we’ve empowered our TEAM to, not just make things, but to make things better.

Something else that is present on any given day are TEAM Members wearing some of our company t-shirts.  “Fix What Bugs You” has become a common slogan at work which helps us memorize the “8 Deadly Wastes” of LEAN.  Waste always begins with OVERPRODUCTION and concludes with WASTED EMPLOYEE POTENTIAL! And Wasted Employee Potential doesn’t allow our TEAM Members to be the IMPROVINEERS they want to be.

Rotplas_Slide10_FWBYMold in Graphic Systems has always had a phenomenal company culture.  Around half of our 100 employees have been with our company for over 10 years and 40% of that group has been a member of our family for over 20 years. We really are grateful to have such outstanding TEAM.

To sum up the first segment of our quality compass (Our People), we’d like to say that boosting the morale of an already strong team has been so significant, that we encourage all our partners, to consider adopting a “continuous improvement culture”.  Empower your team to continually look at everything they do and then ask themselves the question, “why do I do this and how can I make it better?”

Rotplas_Slide15_OurProcessesOur Processes

We can’t think of a better way to help both our internal and external customers than to find ways to improve our processes with a goal of setting a higher mark on Quality.  Doing so for us during the past year has resulted in making tasks easier and making work more interesting.  That has improved the quality of our product which benefits our partners.

The TEAM at Mold in Graphics Systems set a goal for ourselves just after the New Year to have every product that ships from our facility be 100% perfect. Even though we know we are not perfect, we also know there’s always a way we can do things better. So until we gave our TEAM Members the permission to improve EVERYTHING and reach for that type goal – how could we say we were doing our best? So, like we did with LEAN improvements, we made Quality improvements a bigger part of our daily culture.

Rotplas_Slide22-B_QualityManualTo help execute our plan and facilitate objectives, a 30-year Quality Assurance veteran joined our TEAM earlier this year.  He’s a Six Sigma Black Belt, so he’s really helped us focus on processes and improving quality. Six Sigma, by definition, is improving processes by reducing the probability of defects. For those of you who may not be familiar with it, true Six Sigma is allowing only 3.4 defects per million parts. That’s the bar our TEAM has set for themselves.

Working together as a TEAM, we recently updated our Quality Policy and then followed that up with a Quality Manual.  Both of these documents are available for anyone to view, or download on our website front & center. Just click on the “Quality” button under the main menu.

If you take the time to read our Quality Manual you’ll better understand the maturity path our company is on.

Rotplas_Slide28_PoorQulaiytFollowing our Quality Commitment and updated Quality Manual, our first step was to “walk the talk” and make a decision for our customers and our company.  Do it the same way – or do it better. We decided as a TEAM to focus on quality. Our TEAM Members now aim for perfection. They take the time to do it right.

Because poor quality is something a customer should never accept from us or anyone else!

What this means for our customers is an exceptional experience. The kind of experience that comes from using a product that meets your expectations – while being served by a TEAM of people who want to exceed YOUR expectations.

Rotplas_Slide26_OurPRODUCTSOur Products


Another area of improvement that we decided to focus on this year, is to educate customers about our products. Specifically on how they are different, how they are used, but most important of all, HOW THEY ARE MADE!

Our graphics are sometimes compared to a sticker or one of our competitors’ products. And for a company like us that prides itself on being unique, to have our product compared to something it is not is a challenge.

Rotplas_Slide35_STeakvsSpamSome assume that our graphics are like a decal that’s trying to stick to the surface of olefin plastics.  Others assume that our graphics only partially fuse to the surface. Both of these misconceptions completely miss the point of what makes our technology so unique.

This is why it’s so important for us to continually educate our partners to help them understand that every portion of the entire graphic, from top to bottom, is pigmented olefin polymer. And because of design, every part of the graphic, from top to bottom is able to completely fuse into olefin plastics.

Rotplas_Slide40_WereDifferent_NotInksThe reason our product works DIFFERENT, is because it’s made DIFFERENT.

  • MIGS graphics are not produced with off-the-shelf-printing ink.
  • MIGS graphics are not printed on a substrate, which then becomes a tie-layer and attempts to connect ink to the olefin plastic.
  • Off-the-shelf-inks are not compatible with olefin plastic and they’re purchased from a supplier.
  • Our ink (which really isn’t ink at all) is 100% compatible with olefin plastic, and is made in-house.

Rotplas_Slide43_WereDifferent_NotInks4Custom takes longer but it produces the best results and that is what we are striving for at Mold in Graphic Systems.

  • To provide the best quality product
  • To provide the best quality service
  • To provide the best quality customer experience.


View Our Full Quality Policy Here