Quality Health Supports Company QualityMold In Graphic Systems has been keeping its focus on quality, with new Lean and Six Sigma goals in mind since the beginning of 2017. Another important focus of quality for our TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More), has been personal well-being and health. Behind our fast-paced and engaging network of projects is always our personal health. What better way to stay focused and sharp than by boosting our health to stay in-the-zone.

For 2017, we are competing in our second annual event of our Walktober Wellness Challenge. This year, our Human Resources department has reinforced new efforts, plans and inspirational ideas to work together to stay healthy, log our steps with pedometers and aim for daily or weekly goals.

1017_MIGS_Wellness-PedometersWith the addition of nutritional classes being presented to the TEAM, a new arsenal of tools are being given to individuals to be empowered with the knowledge to overcome health challenges that everyone faces from time to time. Especially with the common approach during the holidays to turn straight to sugars and fatty foods, the MIGS TEAM is challenged to find nutritional alternatives, get moving around and stay energized.

Celebrating the holidays with tasty foods and deserts is still a welcome comfort with friends and family of course, because grandma’s cooking makes me a better person, but it is nice to have the options for healthy alternatives in mind.

Quality Health Supports Company Quality

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Recently, MIGS® Human Resources department has helped lead the company to success in winning the “Worksite Health Promotion Process & Leadership” award, for successfully launching its new wellness program for the first year. Comparatively, many companies are not successful in their first year of launching such a program that normally take up to 5 years to implement and gain employee buy-in.

The Walktober Wellness Challenge is one of many things happening at MIGS to stay in focus for quality health to maintain a quality business. With various prizes and fun activities, the TEAM is staying engaged and are becoming aware of how to overcome personal health challenges. The results are reinforcing teamwork, team building, less absenteeism and an overall fun challenge to see who can bring in the most logged steps by the end of the month.

If you’re looking to keep a quality focused business in mind, make sure to try and introduce a quality health and wellness program into your team, they will thank you for it and you should see a boost in morale plus quality products and services.

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