Problems in rotomolding are not new and of course will always be there. There are preventative measures taken before the molding process that Mold In Graphic Systems® surely has successful solutions for, but what about after the molded product comes out of the oven? Historically if your part comes out with holes, gaps or blemishes it becomes a part of your scrap, but does it have to be? Patch ‘N Go®, polymer repairing technology from Mold In Graphic Systems, tells of the successful repair and recovery of some finished plastic products in the field.

Repair Kayaks and Plastics on the go

Easy application with Patch ‘N Go

Patch ‘N Go has been used to help repair rotomolded parts in agricultural and outdoor equipment, toys and kayak manufacturing companies. Another addition that makes this polymer repairing technology a plus, is that it can be color matched to perfectly fit your different parts to achieve the look of not ever having been damaged at all. The color matching makes it a popular choice for molded kayaks that need to maintain strong, functional kayaks, not leaking water from a hull and retaining their kayak’s colors for years.

Normally, polyethylene is chosen for use in these products because of its durability and flexibility. The choice of PE or similar plastic formulations in rotomolded kayaks and other watercraft may be vulnerable to cosmetic damages along the way during the molding process because of varying wall and cavity thicknesses throughout the hull coupled with many other possible miscalculations during molding. These damages could range from forms of superficial slits, cuts or gouges, and small localized dings or dents in the kayak hull or wall of a finished part. In the toolbox, for rotomolders in this situation, is usually some kind of repair method or material to potentially save the part from being scrapped, but not all repair methods are permanent.

There are some bonding issues between the polyethylene surface and any materials that are not formulated to bond with this kind of plastic. Many have tried caulking, plastic welding type formulations and other sealants with no permanent success when repairing these issues. Luckily for molders of kayaks and those repairing cosmetic damages to plastics, Patch ‘N Go is formulated exactly for this kind of plastic material and will undergo a complete cohesion into the plastic after it has been correctly heated, becoming one piece of plastic that will maintain the same durability as the part.

Repair Kayaks and Plastics on the goA quick and easy repair solution should be considered a must for those who wish to save time and money to replace otherwise perfectly good products. Whether you are a rotomolder for kayaks, plastic toys, agricultural equipment or other plastic parts, it makes more sense to repair rather than replace. You will find that after researching about repairing plastic products from cosmetic damages, Patch N’ Go is the preferred solution and permanent technology when compared to other repair methods to help save time and potential replacement costs when repairing polyolefin-based products.

Patch N’ Go has gone the distance to prove that a scrap rate can be significantly reduced to save parts from being useless! To put it simply Patch ‘N Go, was created to rescue molded parts that would otherwise become discounted goods or scrap. It fixes: blems, holes, dents, gashes, gaps and other cosmetic damages to products after manufacturing.

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