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Camp coolers stay visible with branding technology

There are numerous guides and articles written on how to choose the beRotomolded Cooler brands opt for Cooler brandingst camping cooler to store your drinks and foods as you head to the outdoors. Whether it’s the cooler chosen for the day trip to the park or the cooler chosen for the several night stay into the rugged outdoors with your family or friends, these guides tell you which cooler to pick based on that need. This is a great guide for the end user and shopper in the store, but what about the guide that tells the cooler manufacturer what kind of branding they should choose for their rotomolded investments that would best maintain their brand image or message in the long run?

Opting for Temporary or Permanent Branding

As cooler manufacturers and businesses, it is the choice to make when opting for a branded label technology that only lasts short term, like a sticker and decal, or to choose a permanent technology that represents what should be your cooler brand statement. “Temporary and disposable” may come to mind if you see a cooler that loses its branding out in the elements. Getting dinged up and exposed to cold, UV and extreme conditions is part of the norm when using a camp cooler and the truth is that stickers and decals just don’t last. The other side of this branding choice has been opted for cooler manufacturers that want a permanent branding message and a cooler branding choice that lasts with the same quality they manufacture into their coolers.

We’re talking about high quality cooler cases that provide the extra bells and whistles that make the end user able to keep their foods and drinks fresh and cold for more than a few days in the outdoors. It could be the additional hinge systems, handles, latches, tie downs, drain systems, extra insulation, cup holders, non-slip feet or wheels built in that are visible to the shopper, but cooler manufacturers and companies will display their brand name on the cooler to represent all those amazing features in a stand-out-from-the-crowd decoration. There is only one choice for cooler manufacturers to represent their brand with permanence and rugged durability, and that choice has been Mold In Graphics® over the last 35 years.

Permanence for Cooler Branding

Rotomolded Cooler Brands Opt Cooler BrandingThe Mold In Graphics labeling technology from Mold In Graphic Systems® has provided the permanent branding message that cooler manufactures have appreciated. The technology is different in the fact that it is the world’s only polymer-based labeling technology, not regular ink, made specifically for rotomolded plastics that can be applied with ease during or after the molding process. Handling aggressive shot peens, mold textures, cold or hot mold temperature application and reinforcing a vivid and colorful branding message has made the latest 5th generation of the Mold In Graphics® the go-to-choice for high quality cooler manufacturers.

Recently, Captain Scott Campbell Jr., reality TV star from the Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel, and previous owner of Cordova™ Coolers has had experience with choosing a specialized version of the latest 5th generation of Mold In Graphics for one of Cordova’s newer cooler designs. With a new option formulated into the durability of the MIG® 5 graphic, it has provided new color options and branding for the high quality cooler company.

Scott Campbell Jr. stated, “I knew we were on to something really big. I have to say that this technology is a game changer for us. This specialty Mold In Graphic® helps us bring an immediate visual awareness to customers about how to maximize their ice retention inside the Cordova coolers.”

Mastercraft Coolers has also lined up with the Mold In Graphics to keep up with its rugged use and wide range of outdoor exposures, including on boats for seawater activity and sport fishing usage.

Other rotomolded cooler brands are also opting in to choose a cooler branding technology for their high quality coolers to keep their name permanently on their products. Even if the molding process has already been completed without a branding choice, the cooler brands have chosen a branding technology from Mold In Graphic Systems because of its polymer-based formulation that no other labeling technologies have been able to achieve. The post-molded branding solution from Mold In Graphic Systems is known as the Mold On Graphics.

The Mold On Graphics have been chosen by yet another high quality cooler company, known as YETI Coolers. They stand for durability and also venture all over the map for fishing, hunting, camping and more for storing beverages and foods in a nice and cool environment.

0416_MoldOnGraphics_CustImages_YETI1If you are a cooler company or manufacturer of quality molded coolers made of polyolefin plastic, then take a look into the cool branding choice that is made for rotomolders and formulated for polyolefin durable goods, unlike stickers, decals, in-mold labels or engravings that will degrade and leave your coolers without a lasting brand message.

Read more on Mold In Graphics here, for a brand solution during molding, or read about Mold On Graphics for a post-molding brand solution here.

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