During the past 38-years, Mold In Graphic Systems (MIGS) has continually innovated its product line to better support rotomolders.

Although most recognize Mold in Graphic Systems for Polymer Fusion Labeling, some are not aware of MIGS contribution to the industry around Rotomolding Support Products which are designed to solve several key issues for rotomolders.

For 2023, MIGS is proud to unveil a new look to this innovative product line.

PL-S® Parting Line Sealer helps rotmolders to:

  • Seal Mold Parting Lines
  • Eliminate Problems Caused By Damaged Parting Lines
  • Keeps resin inside the mold


Patch N’ Go helps rotmolders to:

  • Patch Common Rotomolding Blemishes
  • Perfect Part Finishing Errors
  • Repair Accidental Damage


RMC3® Rotomolding Compound helps rotomolders to:

  • Create Unique and Essential Solid Features
  • Reinforce Structural Integrity
  • Reduce Scrapped Parts


MIGS Color-In & Color-On Systems help rotomolders to:

  • Create Multi-Color Products and Effects
  • Stencil For Custom Color Designs
  • Offer Customization to Customers


To support demand and speedy order processing, MIGS will maintain a substantial inventory of these products in the months ahead.

Rotomolders outside the United States can acquire MIGS Rotomolding Support Products through a distributor network which includes partnerships with Matrix Polymers (UK, Australia New Zealand, Poland), Rotolink Oy (Finland), ACD Rotoflo (South Africa) and Beijing Besano (China).

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MIGS is seeking additional distributor partnerships in several regions including Japan, South America, Middle East and India. Interested parties should contact Marty Mares here.