Chances are, if you’re reading this and in the business of rotomolding plastic polyethylene or polyolefin parts, you have experienced the frustration of imperfect parting lines that cause you to either A). Waste time trying to figure out an inconsistent solution, or B). You’ve been forced to scrap the part completely which translates directly to time, money, and effort lost. You’ve also probably experienced resin leaking out of the mold where the parting lines don’t touch.

Back in the early 2000’s, our TEAM noticed this persistent issue out in the field.

Scott 035I was able to chat with Scott Saxman, one of our sales TEAM members. He remembers when Triumph Boats, a company that rotomolded large plastic boats was experiencing a lot of issues with the parting lines not molding correctly or completely. They estimated there was about 20 ft of parting line that was flawed! This was not good for Triumph, and the truth is, a lot of other companies were and do still experience this frustrating issue today. That was when Scott took the idea back to R&D at MIGS to get started on overcoming this flaw and waste issue that many molders were having during molding.

Invented on the heels of our Surface Enhancer® 360, PL-S® Parting Line Sealer was designed specifically to deal with the issue of imperfect parting lines on your molds. Using PL-S ensures that you get consistently beautiful and functional results every time. It will help ensure that the parts you’re creating don’t go to waste.

As Scott put it, “The question is not really if you’re going to experience this issue, it’s when. Keeping PL-S in your tool bag is the perfect way to fix the issues as they arise.”

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