– By Nick Moldan

Showcasing MIG 5 Mold In Graphics at ARMO 2015

Scott Saxman, our Senior Vice President of Sales at MIGS.

Scott Saxman, our Senior Vice President Sales (USA) and I attended and exhibited at the ARMO 2015 rotomoulding conference and trade fair in Nottingham, UK recently. Over 400 delegates from more than 40 countries made this a truly international event. As always, the build-up and expectation to these events is enormous – and then it is all over in a flash. It is always so. The last major ARMO event was in Lyon, France in 2012. It seems like just the other day and no doubt the next big European ARMO event in Germany in 2018 will be here before we know it! We are looking forward to it already.

Rotomoulding meetings like this really are about one thing and one thing only – meeting up with old friends and customers from around the world and getting to know new ones. Our industry is relatively small, in plastic industry terms, so it is always great to catch up with our industry colleagues.

Showcasing MIG 5 Mold In Graphics at ARMO 2015Two of our distributors had impressive booths – Dram from Italy and Matrix Polymers, headquartered in the UK. ARMO events are always a good opportunity to catch up with our distributors, and ARMO 2015 was no exception. Matrix Polymers hosted an excellent dinner for their customers and suppliers on the first evening of the conference. Matrix’s contribution to the event was substantial – 27 delegates from their global operations and a very striking rotomoulded bar formed part of their booth at the trade fair.

Showcasing MIG 5 Mold In Graphics at ARMO 2015

Wayne Wiid, President of ARMSA (on left) and Nick Swardt of Pioneer Plastics visits with MIGS at ARMO 2015.

However, the highlight of ARMO 2015 for us was the opportunity to show case our 5th generation Mold In Graphic® at the trade fair – the MIG® 5 graphic. A constant stream of visitors over the two day event kept Scott and I busy. The trade fair was held over two floors and an interesting addition to this year’s event was a large number of rotomoulded products on display. It was quite an eye opener to see how many of these products featured Mold In Graphics®. Branding and decoration really is getting traction in our industry now – and even more so with our new MIG 5 graphic.

Showcasing MIG 5 Mold In Graphics at ARMO 2015

Peik Soderholm, from Polyworld (on left) and Clive Robertson of ACD RotoFlo visit with MIGS at ARMO 2015.

The MIG 5 graphic has been in the market for over a year now, and it was really exciting to hear such positive feedback from our many customers around the world. As well as to have the opportunity to introduce the MIG 5 to our new customers. Interest was enormous. This graphic is less of an evolution, and more of a leap, compared to our older graphic systems. So much quicker and more efficient to use than previous Mold In Graphic® versions and with colours which really jump out. And still the only graphic system which rotomoulders can feel truly confident will last the life of their products, even under the harshest of environmental conditions.

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