Why Resin Flow Problems Occur

Rotomolding has advantages but still has some limitations. Bubbles or porosity, strength, and shrinkage or deformations do still occur internally and externally during molding. This can affect the appearance and performance of a finished part.

Rotomolding Problems To Avoid:

  • Bubbles or Porosity: occur when air is introduced when the resin powder is tumbling and melting in the mold. Increasing the mold temperature will more easily helps to diffuse the bubbles. Problem = increasing the temperature also increases manufacturing time and decreases efficiency, strength and mechanical properties.
  • Strength Issues: caused by a combination of heat temperature and time. If the temperature is too low it will reduce impact strength. If the temp is too high, it will lead to degradation of the plastic and decreased impact strength. This Melt Flow Rate or MFR is an indicator for impact strength of rotomolded parts. Problem = increased time for correcting the issue for each project cycle.
  • Shrinkage and Deformation: occurs during cooling. Cooling methods may involve introducing 0.11MPa compressed air back into the mold during cooling to prevent the issue. Problem = this adds the extra time and labor of adding the compressed air.



How To Fix Rotomolding Issues?

Use Surface Enhancer® 360

Resin Flow Technology

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