What Some of Our Customers Are Saying About Mold In Graphics®!

We enjoy innovating and creating the Mold In Graphics® & Mold On Graphics® as decorating choices for your needs. We also know you will appreciate our graphic technologies for your rotomolded plastic products. But don’t take our word for it, just ask our users. Check out some of the testimonials below from our loyal customers!

…At Miraplástek, we run a high volume of Mold-In Graphics, so needless to say with all of these improvements, including less graphic and plastic scrap, we are sure to realize significant advantages with MIG® 5 graphics
Mark Docter - U.S. Sales Manager, Miraplastek
Today we trialled the new MIG® 5 Mold In Graphic® for the first time.  The colours are amazing!”
Diego Vasquez Olivar - Project Manager, ABC RotoMoldeo, Spain
…These MIG 5 Graphics are much easier and faster to use.
Daven Claerbout, Dutchland Plastics
The new MIG® 5 graphics have enabled Confluence Outdoor to enhance our brand appeal in the retail marketplace with visually more striking logos. The exceptionally vivid colors of the MIG® 5’s create improved shelf appeal and premium brand identity amongst our competitors.
Chris Riggins - Director of Engineering, Confluence Outdoor
Finally a solution to all the molding issues with Graphics. The MIG® 5 Graphic can easily be applied to any surfaces at any temperature and without Ghosting. The MIG 5 Graphic helped reduce scrap and our operators loved how quickly and easily they applied. It is hard enough in Rotational molding to produce a quality part not having  to worry about the Graphic will help!  We are looking forward switching all our Mold In Graphics to the MIG® 5.
Bryan Chance - Industrial Sales Manager, Hedstrom Plastics
We have used Mold In Graphics® for many years, but recently had the opportunity to trial the new MIG®5 Mold In Graphic® under some pretty extreme moulding conditions – 80 deg C mould temperature, black LLDPE, highly textured mould surface and light coloured Mold In Graphic®.  We were frankly amazed at how easy they are to apply – and with perfect results every time…
Geoff Stockley - Director, Orchid plastics UK