– By Clark Boyce

Mold In Graphics Values Face TimeStaying in touch with customers is an important part of the service we provide. Face-to-face meetings add a personal touch and helps solidify our relationship with key partners. Personal meetings also help your customers to grow your business. I recently had the chance to visit one of our top customers, Centro Incorporated, at their corporate headquarters in North Liberty, Iowa to review with their sales, engineering and procurement team our new MIG® 5 graphic system.

Centro is a customer that I have worked with directly for the last 8+ years and have been a long time customer of Mold In Graphic Systems®.  I thought it would be important to have our SVP of Sales Scott Saxman involved as well to share his 25+ years of experience so we spent a day and a half with team members from Centro. We reviewed our new MIG® 5 graphics along with time devoted to building our partnership with Centro as they continue to grow and expand their 8 manufacturing facilities in the United States plus their international location in Horizontina, Brasil. We covered the techniques for applying the MIG®5 graphic including a review of the helpful application tools we offer. Centro Incorporated is a highly technical, process & systems oriented company so their R&D Department took the time to perform due diligence to learn about proper application and the many advantages of using the new MIG® 5 graphic. By working together as partners, Mold In Graphic Systems® is helping to ensure the new MIG® 5 graphic passes Centro’s stringent process and control systems while improving their product quality and efficiency.

Mold In Graphics Values Face Time with Centro Inc.Change is never an easy thing to incorporate into a production environment, especially when an application process has not changed in over 20 years. Switching from Mold In Graphic Systems® traditional temperature sensitive graphics to the new MIG® 5 graphic (which applies at any mold temperature) requires some basic education. But working together with customers we can help them better implement our newest technology while improving their efficiency, lower their scrap rates and provide the best possible product to their customer.

Thanks again to Centro Incorporated for hosting our visit last week. We appreciated the opportunity to help their staff better understand the new MIG® 5 is a better performing graphic for polyethylene, polypropylene and TPO plastics. Reviewing how the MIG® 5 graphic is applied to any temperature rotational mold without the need for spray adhesive and to show other applications where graphics are used to decorate rotationally molded polyolefin parts was a major part of our visit and we truly valued the time Centro allotted us.

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