At the Outdoor Retailer Show in Utah.

At the Outdoor Retailer Show in Utah.

Innovation is constantly flowing from individuals and businesses, especially in the active and growing market that is everything “outdoorsy”. You can imagine the large collections of gear, clothing, apparel, and accessories made specifically for hiking, climbing, running, fishing, water sports, hunting, camping, biking, cycling and many other adventurous activities worthy of our time away from the computer, tv or couch.

One place to catch all these products and the driving trend for this market is at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show in Salt Lake City, Utah. Always researching the needs of a focused industry like this has placed part of our Mold In Graphic Systems team right in the heart of the trend. MIGS New Business Development Director, Scott Saxman, and General Manager, Marty Mares, are attending the Outdoor Retailer show to connect with the exciting new developments of the industry.


Hobie Cat kayak with Mold In Graphics.

Mold In Graphic Systems decorating technology has been developed for many businesses that are showcasing their product highlights from a rotomolded plastics approach. After 20+ years of attending the OR show, MIGS has gone from having no customers to dozens of customers including some of the biggest brands. Many outdoor enthusiasts can appreciate the vivid branding that Mold In Graphics technology has come to deliver for the support and success of their product, including Confluence Outdoor kayaks, Hobie kayaks, Jackson Kayaks, YETI Coolers and more.

If you are a retailer of anything outdoorsy or in the market for the new innovation trends, you need to check out the Outdoor Retailer show, either for a summer or winterized showcase, it can help connect you with what is happening. Also, you may have a chance to connect with a MIGS team member if we are attending, or contact us here and find out how our Mold In Graphics and Mold On Graphics solutions have been improving brand visibility and delivering high durability decorations for rotomolders for many years. If your products are exposed to UV, weathering, harsh environments or intense heat or cold factors, then our graphic technology can truly help your rotomolded products stay in view.


Confluence Outdoors – Wilderness Systems kayak with Mold In Graphics.

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