Wellness Challenge For Increased EfficiencyEvery business, no matter how big or small, should have some kind of community building effort to provide team awareness and appreciation to help the groups “gel”. Even little side activities can reinforce a positive atmosphere and increase company efficiencies. Work efficiency and motivation can dwindle throughout the day, but a little effort can help you get past a dark and rainy day caused either from loss of sleep, loss of caffeine, from the internet being down, or an incomplete Pokémon Go quest.

At Mold In Graphic Systems, we believe in living healthy while having the attitude and aptitude to perform our best while on and off the job. Recently, the MIGS team has completed its first annual “Walk This Way – Wellness Challenge” throughout the month of July. The Wellness Challenge was strategically organized and led by our HR department to help bring a focus on health and teamwork. For this challenge, teams were formed, given pedometers to start tracking their individual steps throughout the course of July, whether on the job or off site.

Wellness Challenge For Increased EfficiencyA little healthy competition ensued to see whose team would out-step the others by the end of the month. Every little extra step counted. People were taking the stairs instead of the elevator and utilizing breaks for lapping around the campus instead of a trip to the candy machines. Some individuals took to the local hiking trails amidst the beautiful northern Arizona community. The avid runners were marking their steps in marathon measurements beyond some other teams, and some members just outright walked the whole day as part of the job, which some deemed an unfair advantage from the start. Of course, the avid cyclists group were wondering, why do the pedometers not count pedaling as steps? Is that unfair? Or is it strategically planned for us pedestrians?

Either way, some team participation and healthy competition makes it fun while keeping it simple. Getting up and moving around a little when you can has been proven to help. When returning to their work stations, many found that they had a refreshed body and a more alert mind to complete the task at hand. Increasing awareness of health to help improve work performance can be key for many companies. Everyday goals for health can be met and exceeded as a team, even if you’re not an REI outfit already trained for that mindset. Go ahead and aim for optimizing yourself and your team.

The MIGS team is set for healthy motivation and ready for the next challenge. Always ready to increase performance factors that lead to a positive environment and premium products that we are proud to finish for our customers is our MO. Remember, stay focused, stay healthy and stay connected. Thanks for being part of our Mold In Graphic Systems family. What challenges have you completed that have helped your company thrive? We’d love to hear your story, leave a comment or contact us today!