What I Learned About Coracles & Corcl’sFor centuries, people have been encountering challenges, and overcoming them. Every person who’s ever walked the earth has had to face adversity, but some have shown just how deeply their will to succeed runs.

Vikings conquered the seas and with them, the myth of the “edge of the world.”  Humans envisioned winged structures in the sky, transporting passengers all over the world, and it became reality. A brave few have even found the dust of the moon on their boots, and gazed back in awe at the blue jewel of a planet we call home, surrounded by infinite space.

It isn’t always enough to only have a dream. The important thing is to act.

Every example above proves this. They all had vision, but more importantly, they took steps to make it real.

In ancient days, daily struggles were about survival. Each day depended upon sacrifice and effort to have what we now consider to be basic needs: food, shelter, and comfort. We may not need to hunt or gather our food today, but success is still every bit as dependent on working hard to achieve it. It takes vision, action, and it took more than one person to make it possible.

Vikings worked together to navigate the open seas with nothing more than their five senses, intuition, and practical knowledge.

The Wright Brothers began experimenting with flight in 1896, and in 1903, succeeded in landing their first harrowing flight above a North Carolina beach.

What I Learned About Coracles & Corcl’sIt is estimated the Apollo 11 crew trained for about 6 months for their legendary leap to the moon, undergoing rigorous physical and mental training to accomplish their mission.

Perspective is important. Perseverance is everything.

Take the design of a kayak, for example.

Before the existence of sleek, modern day kayaks, the ancient Welsh invented small, round boats called Coracles. Made from dried willow branches and animal skins, they were used traditionally around the coasts and isles of Great Britain.

This ingenious little boat was used for fishing and transporting passengers. Romans later used them for military purposes. They can float easily in mere inches of water or atop the watery depths. Coracle-Men, as they were known, positioned themselves upstream to catch any swept-away sheep if necessary, or rowed together down a stream with a net in between them, catching fish as they went.

What I Learned About Coracles & Corcl’sThis invention changed a way of life for thousands of people, for thousands of years.

The depth to which that impact reached was limitless. It paved the way for new industries, crafts and food sources for farmers and hunters. It allowed them to travel lakes, rivers, and between coastal islands with ease, promoting trade and communication with the rest of the world. It allowed people to create and hone their craft for the environment in which they lived, with their own resources, tools, and wits. Basically, thousands of years of human survival and advancement depended upon and were transformed by these unique, improbable little boats.

In 2018, Corcl boats from Brigham Floats LLC was awarded with Honorable Mention from the Red Dot Design Competition for a revived the coracle boat model. Their boats are sturdy, kid friendly, creative adaptations of their ancestor’s models, designed to get you outside with your family.

What I Learned About Coracles & Corcl’sInstead of willow branches and animal hides, the boats are made from molded polyethylene plastic, and each one is adorned vibrantly by a permanent, decorative label that lasts the life of the Corcl. The award is meant for well-done, beautiful, creative craftsmanship.

Together, Mold In Graphics® (MIGS) and Corcl represent the human will to overcome challenges. We strive to go beyond accepting “good enough,” in a commitment to bring our customers the very best quality we can.

We at MIGS believe in this because our customers are just as dedicated as we are to bring the best quality to those they serve. Just like the “Coracle-Men” of old, who transformed the way the ancients lived within their environment for the better, we believe our brand not only offers the best possible quality so you can decorate your polyolefin plastic products beautifully and with ease, we also believe our product can completely transform the way you do business.

What I Learned About Coracles & Corcl’sMIGS goal is to help our customers increase profit, save time and eliminate the frustration of decorating polyolefin plastic. We are proud to see customers we work with such as Corcl receive awards for their commitment to high quality production. We are here to help problem solve, innovate, and help you change the way you do business through knowledge sharing, and committing to a journey of high quality with our team of Labeling, Decorating and Applications Experts.

If you want to learn more about how our labeling technologies can change your company culture, or if you have any questions, we are here to help.

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